Voluntary Service Overseas

About VSO

VSO brings people together to fight poverty. Its unique role in international development is to place committed volunteers with carefully selected organisations so their skills generate the greatest value. With almost sixty years of experience, VSO knows that when teachers pass on their skills to others, community groups shown reliable sources of income, and governments helped to make systems fairer, a lasting change is made.


  • By thinking globally, we can change the world
  • Progress is only possible by working together
  • Knowledge is our most powerful tool
  • People are the best agents of change

People First 
VSO’s strategy, People First, sets out six strategic directions that will enable our organisation to channel its energies and significantly increase our impact against poverty:

  • Putting people at the centre of our work
  • Providing partners with a wider range of support
  • Strategically managing our country portfolio
  • Being an agile and cost-effective organisation
  • Measuring our performance and accountability
  • Growing our global income

Our Stories