About MyEffect

MyEffect specializes in technology and data solutions that help organizations engage the next generation through social action.

We believe that meaningful community connections come from empowering the passions of people, and big data can be used for social good. Our SaaS (Sofware-as-a-Service) solutions emphasize the value of skills-based volunteering and help organizations leverage their community impact to recruit and retain motivated talent.

We do this in two ways:

  • Building capacity for change by equipping nonprofit organizations with free software to recruit, manage and retain support for their cause.
  • Empowering volunteers to capture the value of their community experiences by building ImpactResumes® that showcase their social impact, cause interests, skill development and positive leadership achievements.

As one of the first volunteer platforms aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals, MyEffect provides both nonprofits and volunteers a place to find, track and share their positive contributions towards the 2030 Agenda.

We are thrilled to support Volunteer 2030 and look forward to connecting more passionate nonprofit organizations with corporate supporters and young leaders, that like us, believe in taking action for a better future!

Our Stories

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