[From 500ways.org] Steady Effort by Panasonic Eco-Relay Japan for Sustainable Earth

[From 500ways.org] Steady Effort by Panasonic Eco-Relay Japan for Sustainable Earth

Panasonic Company (former Matsushita Electric Company) started its green-focused volunteer activities 20 years ago. It was reshaped as “Panasonic ECO RELAY for Sustainable Earth” in 2010, focusing on three key areas: forest improvement, biodiversity conservation, and water quality preservation. As global citizens, Panasonic Group members around the world is engaged in environment protection activities voluntarily by joining forces with employees, union members, retirees including their family members and local residents. Under the concept of an “eco-relay” which connects people, communities and activities on a global basis and passes on their efforts to the next generation, it is aimed to bring greater benefits to the world.

For example, ECO-RELAY Japan has conducted nationwide water quality inspection activities at 100 places of rivers, lakes, and ponds in Japan. The outcome is used to select the suitable locations for clean water preservation efforts. It is reported a total of 50 eco-projects are conducted and 4,800 volunteers participated in Japan during the fiscal year of 2013.

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Revitalization of nature takes a long time but is most important to pass down a beautiful earth for the future generations. They achieved good results in repopulating rare species of butterflies, frogs, and animals by environmental improvement activities. Eco-education to children is a vital tool to keep society co-existing with nature. Panasonic aims to produce more Eco-challenges for the next several years to come.


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