[From 500ways.org] The old train station in Cuautla

[From 500ways.org] The old train station in Cuautla

With more than 15 volunteers from Mexico and various countries, we worked in the improvement of the image of the old railway station of Cuautla, being this one of the major tourist attractions of the city, it requires on-going maintenance as well as the surrounding areas.

We carried out different tasks to enhance the existing railroad tracks which were full of garbage, not well maintained and also took care of some green areas and in the station’s platform. We painted all the trees with chalk in order to protect them from the bugs and some other areas of the park next to the station.

The impact this project had was good because it made people aware of the importance to keep our public areas and touristic attractions proper and enhanced. Through international volunteering we were able to improve the place and also to motivate some citizens to get involved in the care of our public areas.

As volunteers we could do some work that wouldn’t been done otherwise but mostly we sensibilised some people to the importance of participating in local development actions for the betterment of our city. And we managed to get the municipality employees to help out in some tasks.